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Bumper Specialties

Colors: We offer a complete selection of Bumpers in clear, black, brown, white, and grey. Clear Bumpers are available in all shapes and sizes and they are practically invisible when applied to colored or transparent surfaces.
Adhesive: Bumper Specialties has spent years developing what we consider the strongest and most effective adhesive in the industry. Our Bumpers have a pressure-sensitive adhesive system to meet all of your requirements.
Services: We have the ability to die-cut and convert pads as an additional service. The pad sizes listed on this site are our standard offerings. Please contact us if you have any custom pad conversion needs. We also pride ourselves in assisting our customers with any special needs they might have.
Custom Sizes & Colors: Having many years of experience in the industry, Bumper Specialties has selected some of the most common Bumper shapes and sizes available. Even with this extensive product offering, we still have the capabilities to make any special size and color to meet your requirements. We welcome all custom requests and look forward to working with you on any unique needs you may have. Please note that creating a custom Bumper may require a large minimum order and additional tooling charges based on the dimensions.