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DSR-5 Silicone & Adhesive remover. :: DSR-5 :: Solid Surface Tools :: Tools 4 Solid Surface
Tools 4 Solid Surface :: Solid Surface Tools :: DSR-5 :: DSR-5 Silicone & Adhesive remover.

DSR-5 Silicone & Adhesive remover.

DSR-5 Silicone & Adhesive remover.

DSR-5 Silicone & Adhesive remover.
Weight 5.00 lbs
Our price: $39.98

DSR-5/QRT. As seen in Surface Fabrication & Stone Business Magazines. Fabricators, feel free to sling silicone on anything. A little spray of DSR-5, worked with something as complex as your thumb nail ( most people use a laminate chip) will remove the adhesives listed below WITHOUT damaging the surface it's bonded to! Incredibly effective on: Silicone and polyurethane caulks, sealants and adhesives, silicone waterproofing, gaskets, automotive polishes and lubricants, most adhesives including contact cement and all types of tape residue, stickers labels and decals, road paint, tar, sap, chewing gum, enamel spray paint, graffiti.

Absolutely safe on: metals, glass, reflective glass, mirrors, wood furniture, floors, cabinets, fiberglass, gel coat, plexiglass, polycarbonates, most plastics, most carpets, vinyl flooring, fabrics, vinyl, upholstery, clothing, varnished urethaned or painted surfaces, stone surfaces, cultured marble, tiles, formica, corian, ceramics, enamel and porcelain surfaces and brick. How user friendly is this product? Put a bead of silicone on the hood of your car, spray DRS-5 on it and remove with a cloth. WILL NOT affect the paint !

This product is awesome !

NOTE: Ships ground only

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